Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Late Night Thoughts

Posterboard: $0.39
Pair of jeans possibly ruined when black marker cap came off in my pocket, and now there's a huge marker stain on them: $35.00
Casey Blake's signature: Priceless. :)

The good news: CC Sabathia was back in form, giving up only one run in tonight's game against the Red Sox.

The bad news: The Indians didn't score *any* runs, so we lost the game.

Good or bad news, depending on your view: as of tonight, Cliff Lee was still with the Tribe.

Just for Scottius Maximus: view of the right field seats, as seen from the left field.

Our seats were in the little triangle section furthest to the left, right above the Pronkville sign. Unfortunately, Pronk did not hit any to Pronkville tonight.

The view from our seats.

I was sad that Jason Michaels bugged out first after the game, and didn't sign my "I Like J-Mike" sign. At least Casey Blake signed it, and he signed my daughters' posters too. He was the only one who really hung out and signed stuff tonight. Cliff Lee signed for a minute or so, but then he was there with his little kids. Lots of players were. It was sweet to see Victor Martinez come out carrying a baby carseat in one hand, and holding his other child's hand with the other. I believe I saw Kelly Shoppach with a baby on his shoulder, too.

Cleveland rocks!


Marie N. said...

A different outcome wouold have made for more fun, but it looks like you had lots to make your evening memorable!

Pauli said...

Those huge guitars are cool, always thought that!

Scottius Maximus said...


Are you sure that's a signature? It looks more like one of those ink blot tests. By the way, what I see is a fat guy strangling a skinny guy from behind with a rope or something.

Thanks for remembering to take the photographs of the right field seats!

Liz said...

What is that blue thing in the background where the dome is supposed to be? Could it be that Baseball can be played outside? The wonders if it all! (Just a couple more years...)

Norman Teigen said...

Good luck to the Indians when they don't play my team, the Minnesota Twins.

We are in serious trouble. The season may go down the shower drain if we can't start to win some games.
The Twins play the Indians this weekend.

Norman Teigen
Norman's Demesne

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Hey Norman, I'm watching the game right now! I really want us to win the division or get the wild card spot, so I have to say I'm hoping for some wins here.