Sunday, July 31, 2005


How can so many people earnestly desire to serve God and end up with so many different beliefs, doctrines, ideas? The answer, of course, is sin, and yet I still wonder how Christians can end up going in so many different directions, supposedly towards the same God. Only God can truly know a person's heart, but there are people whom I know about as well as fallen humans can know each other, who do really seem to love God, acknowledge the death of His Son for our sins, and desire to do what He wants. Yet we end up differing in so many areas, from whether to use liturgical worship to the Real Presence in the Lord's Supper. Does our pride get in the way so that we end up confusing what we want or think must be the way it should be, for what God really wants or commands? It's sad to feel a tug of separation from others, especially those you are close to, such as family members. I hope we can all seek the forgiveness of God through Jesus for mistakes we have made. I look forward to heaven where there will be no more separation.