Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Politics Killed the Radio Star

Just wanted to rant about radio stations here in Cleveland. I used to listen to WTAM 1100 on the AM, and 106.5 on the FM dials, exclusively. I got tired of 106.5 because of a subtle bias I perceived in some of their music choices (sorry, I don't think America is evil), and because frankly I can only hang out so long in the shallow world of pop anyway. Although I always enjoy an 80's jam! Then 1100 traded Glenn Beck for ratings shares in the basement because of their personal belief systems. Hey, whatever. I found out that there are other decent radio stations out there! Still, I enjoy Sportsline on 1100, except for the commericals promoting their morning show. I don't want to hear vicious political attacks interjected in my sports talk! Attacks aimed not at the incorrect actions of one person, but at an entire worldview, some of which I happen to agree with. I don't want to feel I'm being personally attacked because I don't buy into your belief system, thank you. When I want sports talk you can keep your radio station's political leanings to yourselves! Ptui!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Getting on with Life

We helped Eric's parents clean out his apartment this weekend. It was sad but also helped us adjust to Eric's death. Sorting out Eric's things showed clearly not only who Eric was, but what we shared with him. Sharing ourselves with other people is the best part of life, and as Christians, we need to include others in our lives, and enrich their lives here, as well as share the joy and hope of heaven. We know that Eric's friendship added to our lives, but talking to his parents gave us insight on how we added something to his life. I'd like to add something positive to the life of every person I am involved wit

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Goodbye, Eric

Found out today that a good friend of my husband's and myself passed away on Saturday. He was only 34 years old. I've lost many elderly relatives, of course. There have even been several younger people of my acquaintance who are no longer on this earth, mostly because of car accidents or cancer. But although Eric had been in poor health on and off for most of this year due to a kidney infection, I don't think anyone knew how bad it was except maybe Eric. None of the people who knew him seemed to imagine he could die because of the problems he'd been having. He was feeling pretty weak the last several days of his life, and I wish we could have seen him one more time. He was a really unique and great guy. His going will leave a great hole in our lives. At least he was a Christian so we have the hope of seeing him again. In this short period in time, however, things seem a little darker and colder tonight.