Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sending Out a Dove

Yesterday around dinnertime we got power back, after having it out since Monday evening. We survived, although we have now have a larger laundry and dishes backlog than usual. The Dancer and the Musician had school off yesterday due to power outages. Only the Dancer is at home keeping me company today.

There has been damage in the area, mostly due to downed trees and the inevitable flooded basements. I don't see any reports of loss of life in this area, which is a blessing. Areas south of us got snow. I think Lake Erie is still too warm for us to get any snow -- yet.

Halloween trick-or-treating has been moved to Sunday evening, which is also a good thing. Otherwise, all the girls, at least, could have been dressed like Mary Poppins: carrying umbrellas and being blown by the wind down the street.

Having no power all day, we went out to dinner last night. The restaurant we chose was totally slammed, but considering that the biggest shopping metropolis in the area, Crocker Park, was without power, I doubt we could have avoided a crowd anywhere else. We did get a free appetizer and an extra salad out of the deal due to confusion. I hope the servers raked in a higher than usual amount of money for a Tuesday night.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Warning

Supposedly when your kids start getting older, you don't need to spend so much time with their care, and so you have more time for yourself. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! It is a lie! They just get into more activities, so you have to spend more time driving them around. Of course, also supposedly, kids who are in the upper grades of high school can get their driver's license and save you endless hours by shuffling the younger siblings around. This does not take into account having a sucky president, a lousy economy, and a husband underemployed for the last several years. Thus, a family may have a lot better places to put the few hundred dollars required for the driver's ed needed to get a license for those under the age of eighteen. Weird things like clothes and stuff. My only hope is that if Romney is elected, the economy may improve to the point that our daughters will not be living with us forever. My main regret is that we do not have a basement.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

So Simple

Even a scarecrow can do it.

Or do you think I'm just setting up strawmen? XD