Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well, That's Awkward

From one of my doll blogs, I thought I had made a new friend in the blogging community. Yesterday, she was following my blog, and linked to my blog from hers. This morning, not only is all of that gone, but she deleted a comment she left on my blog. My only guess is that she saw something she didn't like about me. Maybe she wandered over here? I have no idea, since she chose not to tell me. She's from Europe, so I would hope she would not judge me based on my political views of what is happening in my country, but a lot of Europeans do think we should run things how they do.

I was afraid about linking my doll blogs to this blog, but I would hope I can discuss my hobbies with people and keep politics out of the way. Honestly, I don't want to know a lot about people outside the hobbies I read about on their blogs. I might not like their personalities or beliefs, but I do like seeing pictures and reading reviews and news about things that I am interested in. So I would hope that anyone visiting here from a doll blog would still want to engage me in doll talk. I keep my "identities" separate enough.

As far as this country goes, it seems that we are beyond reasoning and compromise and middle ground. No one outside the far right seems to particularly care that Obamacare, for example, was rammed through without a single piece of conservative input. We've been labeled for all time as evil, stupid, greedy, bad, and there's an end to it. If you don't like me, there's not much I can do about it. I'm not going to change who I am. If you want to engage me on a topic, make sure you bring facts and reasoning. I'm going to keep going and looking out for my top priority, my family.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Who's Fooling Who?

Anyone else involved in any Yahoo Groups? I'm in several, all doll-related but one. Yahoo is currently getting a lot of criticism (well-deserved, I think) for the NEO roll-out that happened a few weeks ago to Yahoo Groups. However, my point for writing this is that Yahoo has found new places to put ads on the Groups page, and on that same page, Yahoo thanks Group users for being good customers. Um, yeah, we're not the customers. The customers are the companies that place the ads. We the Group users are the product. That doesn't stop me from using Groups, although the stupid changes they've made have made me significantly cut back my page views. I just know where I stand.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Short Post on Race

I'm annoyed that I got scolded as a college freshman by a professor because "there's no such thing as different races," yet sending my daughters through Girl Scouts I always had to declare their race (I usually put: human.) Now because of No Child Left Behind and a student teacher cooperative thingy that the Musician is doing with the local community college, I not only have to say whether or not she is Hispanic, but also then go ahead and list her race. The whole mess is estupido.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Compare and Contrast

I'm currently trying to get through a book called Inside the Victorian Home: A Portrait of Life in Victorian England. I'm not sure why I'm not more interested in the book, except maybe because it is certainly very discouraging. Given the way that women were pushed aside, children were viewed as nuisances, and girl children were seen as household servants, in the author's examples, I'm surprised any ideas of anything resembling a modern, intact family survived until today. And this book features middle-class families, not the poor who were busy trying to survive, nor the rich who handed the children to nannies and embarked on affairs. Anyway, the book has made me think about my own role in my family, compared to the role of women then as this book puts forth.

In some ways, you see, my tasks as a stay-at-home mother are not very different from what the book describes as the expected tasks: nurturing the family, running the household, performing any chores one's family couldn't afford to pay another to perform, perhaps even teach the children. Of course, if you look at the stories related by those who grew up inside the Victorian homes described in the book, mothers did not always do the best job, judging by today's standards. Infants were viewed as vampires, feeding off of their mothers. Middle-class mothers preferred to be as ignorant as possible regarding the daily care of their children. Mothers, because of their own poor education, were hopeless at keeping the household books, and made poor teachers for their daughters, and their sons, before the boys left for school. Yikes!

One of the points made in the book, however, was how little time mothers had for themselves, once they finished all the duties they were expected to perform, well done or not. But really, how much free time do mothers have today, whether they stay at home or work outside the home? Precious little, from what most moms say. Even women who don't have children often lament, on places like Ravelry, that they do not have time enough to pursue their outside interests, such as knitting. I often feel like I don't have time myself to do the things that I want, not that I have to do. Of course, Mr. BTEG feels the same way, and I'm sure Victorian husbands often felt they did not enough free time either. I just find that bit interesting. There may be much to pity Victorian women for, but there are things that we hold in common.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Marcy Kaptur, You Disgusting Witch

I am especially ashamed today to say that Marcy Kaptur is my Representative after her name has been linked to this article stating that WWII vets who want to visit the national memorial may be arrested. Yes, this open air monument, open twenty-four hours a day, is currently "shut down" because Democrats are throwing a hissy fit that they didn't completely get their way, and a government shutdown ensued. Ace of Spades really brings it regarding how stupid this all is. It's always been wide open, where anyone can walk into it. It was not even funded by the Federal Government. The whole thing is political theater to punish the people who dared step out of line with a certain political party. I'm just adding the local story of how two-faced and unbelievably self-promoting this person who does not represent me in Congress is. Because check out what she has on her webpage:

She's willing to use vets for her own self-serving photo ops, but is happy to block their entrance into an OPEN AIR PARK, again, for her own benefit. I hope your district sees right through you and votes you out as soon as possible. The only member of your district you're interested in serving is yourself.