Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Normal...Sort Of

Well, the DH went back to work today after being off since Dec. 21, and the girls and I went "back to school." We didn't have a really intensive school day, but we made a start. For some reason, I was really worn down which did not help with the school stuff. I had a nasty allergic reaction to something, so for the last couple of days my face has been itchy, and I've been taking Benadryl at nights. Usually this knocks me out cold, but I haven't been sleeping so well, so I don't know. I hate having sensitive skin.

I am glad to be getting back to a normal schedule, but I enjoyed the holidays a lot more this year than I have in the past. And of course Christmas is not entirely over, is it, Presbytera?


Marie N. said...

Climbing back on the school bandwagon is going slowly here. One child is still fevered and the other wants do complete all his books for the year today. "Can we do another lesson, Mommy?" It is nice to hear once in a while, but 37,802 times before lunch???

I hope you find what caused your reaction so you can avoid it next time.

Presbytera said...

We have also started back but I am forcing myself to be more laid back. I have to keep reminding myself that they are only in 3rd grade and learning is fun. I know they will appreciate it if I lighten up. My intent is to sail happily through January.

chaplain7904 said...

We enjoyed the holy days more this year than usual, too. Getting together with your family was fun, as usual. Also, I went off my no sugar regime, and imbibed a few Christmas Carbs.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Oddly, enough, getting together with your family was one of the things that made the holidays better, Chaplain!