Monday, January 22, 2007


Ahh, peace, sweet peace. The kind of peace you get when you're really, really exhausted, so that your body kind of shuts down and you don't care about anything except the feel of the blanket around you and your head on the soft pillow. There is a slight nagging worry about why you've been feeling constantly tired lately, but you can push that away, for now. Restful for the mind, bad for blogging.

I'm glad the Bears made it into the Super Bowl, because my sister-in-law is thrilled about that. She's been a Bears fan for ages. Now if only this mojo thing I have going (the Cards, the Bears) would work for one of my teams! Or maybe I need to find someone else with mojo to root for my teams.


Scottius Maximus said...


Peace to you.

My Super Bowl prediction? I say...Bears in seven.

Now, if I have any mojo left from these past 4 months, I hereby project it to the Indians for the 2007 season, barring the Cardinals making a WS appearance again (which will probably not happen).

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thanks, Scottius. If you can spare enough mojo to get the Indians to the World Series and the Cards get there too, I'll take over on the mojo for the Indians from there. ;)

Lutheran Lucy said...

Barb, I with Chimpie!! :)