Friday, January 02, 2009

Achievements for 2009

If you've read this blog long enough, you know that my husband (and our family, to a certain extent) are big fans of LEGO building blocks. We had the pleasure on Thursday of giving our great-nephew his very first LEGO set, DUPLO specifically, since he is not quite two.
I know my sister-in-law reads my blog, so this may sound like sucking up ;), but we had a really great time at her house. Even if I had to drag myself out of bed to kiss Mr. BTEG at midnight on New Year's Eve. She's an excellent hostess, which I think she inherits from her grandmother.

I also finished a project I should have done ages ago. I made a Christmas dishcloth for the Hen as part of a pay-it-forward blog contest from all the way back in April. I started with another project; you may notice I said the things I made would be sewn. I ran into all kinds of roadblocks on the project I was working on, such as losing the floss I was using, twice! Since I have improved my knitting skills, I ended up knitting dishcloths for both people to whom I had to give a project. I hope Charity doesn't mind getting hers so late.

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