Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fröliches Neues Jahr

I hope everyone has a very happy and healthy 2009. I'm making up some resolutions, just 'cause I wanna. One is to publish more on my blog. If you look on the sidebar, you can see that I posted a great deal more in 2007 than in 2008. A great bit of that is the difficult period I went through around the end of February, beginning of March -- hoping to avoid that this upcoming year. I'm more aware than I've ever been about living with bipolar and what I need to do to manage it.

Speaking of health, prayers for good health for Mr. BTEG would be appreciated. He was diagnosed right before Christmas with mild Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disease that attacks the intestines and such. He also has the autoimmune Hashimoto's disease, which means his thyroid is slowly dying off. All that in addition to being asthmatic and having ADD, and he has a huge pile of meds he has to take every day. We're thankful for the Crohn's diagnosis in that he's been having "stomach" troubles since he was in grade school, and now we have definite ways things can be improved. His sister has Crohn's as well; it seems to have at least one genetic marker.

He's doing pretty well, so I don't want to end this on a downer. God willing, we'll have a healthy new niece in 2009, we'll be moving to a new place, and whatever else God sees fit to bless us with. Hope God blesses you all as well.


Susan B. said...

Happy New Year, Barb! :-D

Karen said...

My brother and 1 sister both have Crohn's Disease. Two other sisters have Irritable Bowel. It tends to run in families. My 47 year old brother was diagnosed when he was 16 years old. He has be a part of all experimental medications since the early 80's. It is definitely a life-long journey. I pray that your husbands is in recession most of the time. Happy 2009!

Karen said...

oops! Make that "husband's"

Scottius Maximus said...


Forlickes New Jear to you all! Here's to more posts at BTEG in 2009.

If you're moving, I know a house for sale down the street from us.