Friday, January 09, 2009

I Hate American Girl

Not only has American Girl completely retired my beloved Samantha and all her furniture and accessories, but now they've gotten rid of one of the pets for the Just Like You girls, the cat named Licorice. And, of course, guess which pet the Dancer wanted for her American Girl doll. Now it's only on eBay, at exorbitant prices. And I don't think there was any notice that Licorice was going away. I don't see why they had to retire this cat, even though they've come out with a new cat and new dogs. More to buy. :P

I can also see why they retired Samantha, since the new Girl of the Year has not one, but two friend dolls! The new doll has a lame storyline about bullying. Not that bullying and cliquishness doesn't go on in school, but the happily-ever-after story seems highly unrealistic, and the whole stand-up-against-bullies plot like an old After School Special. Plus, there are two books and DVD with the Girl of the Year, where there used to be just one book. Yet another way to make money, money, money. I kind of liked the idea of creating the friend doll for some of the American Girls, allowing more play value, but it's just getting to be too much. Especially at the cost of the dolls. Since they're made in China now instead of Germany I don't see why they should be priced much more than the kind you can buy at Target. I guess the only reason is that girls prefer American Girl dolls to the Target kind. I do think they're prettier myself, but the prices!

The Dancer also wants an American Girl dance set of outfits for her doll. I may see if I can just make them myself. I wonder if the founder of Pleasant Company is sorry when she sees what Mattel is doing with her creations, or if she's just enjoying the millions she cashed in for. :P


Elephantschild said...

I liked that kitty, too! Didn't it have a little magnetic fish toy that it could hold in its mouth?

(I hate when toys start getting preachy - it's why I can't stand Barney.)

Anonymous said...

Sharing your frustrations, Barb!! One word about doll clothes: Joan Hinds' books (okay, that's 3 words). They're better drafted and have easier doll sized construction methods than other doll clothes patterns I've tried.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

EC, I vaguely remember a fish toy. I know there was a ball of yarn.

I can't stand Barney because he's saccharinely obnoxious. The preachy is just an added reason to hate him.

Angie, I think I do have one Joan Hinds book. I'm glad to hear the patterns are nice.

Jane said...

Fortunately Bethany outgrew getting new American girls before the PC-ness started. (And with seven dolls she should be able to keep any daughters she has happy!) But I was looking at the catalog at CHristmas time to get a couple of things for my nieces and wa really sad to see how it's changed.

Kim said...

Even though the dolls are made in China they are still of a much higher quality than the ones you buy at Target. We had 2 from Target and they were made of much thinner plastic, the hair was thinner and came out easier, and the body just wasn't put together as well. Dd has 10 American Girl dolls (I know it's absolutely ridiculous but they were gifts from her grandparents) and they have help up well over the years, we've only had to send 2 in for repairs.