Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Snowed In

Road conditions are probably not at their best. The snow is falling fairly heavily and staying inside is looking a lot nicer than going outside and braving the weather. I really wish we had garage space to keep our car in at the moment. Our car, the one that's currently drivable, hates the cold. And I'm not enjoying watching it get buried under the snow. We do have a two-car garage, but it's currently full of stuff, both woodworking stuff and things packed away from our last move.

People talk about McMansions and how bad it is that the garage is featured so front and center in many homes. My take on the garage thing is that the closer the garage is to the road, the shorter the driveway and the less snow to shovel! Seriously, I don't mind the garage-next-to-the-house plan, although the garage-behind-the-house might be nice to have. The garage must be attached, however, in my mind. I'm starting to wish we could enter our home through the garage, to avoid coats and shoes piling up at the front door. I used to completely dislike the idea of coming in through the garage, as some people dislike the garage-shoved-to-the-front of a house plan. But if you're using the garage as your everyday entryway you may prefer it that way.

Mr. BTEG is snowed in here with us. He stayed home from work today, because he is still getting his Crohn's medication sorted out, and he was not feeling at all well last night and most of today. I offered to teach him to knit to give him something to do, but he declined. The gastroenterology office adjusted his meds this afternoon, so hopefully this will improve things.

Speaking of knitting, I am working on a cell phone sock for myself. I'm using wool, for the first time, and I'm noticing the yarn seems to be thinning itself out as I pull it off the skein and use it. It's noticeably thicker on the tail than what I'm putting on my needles. Does this "stretching out" happen with wool, or is the wool I'm using just not up to the highest standard or what? I don't think I'm pulling on it overly hard.

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Elephantschild said...

What?! Mr BTEG doesn't want to learn to knit? My Dh doesn't either.

Too bad, since there's even a website for knitting men: