Friday, December 05, 2008

Seven Things Meme

Karen tagged me for this, along with the award that goes with it. I need to find an way to put these awards on my sidebar!! Back when I had Windoze on my laptop, Mr. BTEG set up an easy way to create web pages so I could create a web page for each award and link to it through Blogger. Now that I have Linux as my OS I don't have an easy way to create web pages. I hope Mr. BTEG, or anyone, can help me figure out how to get these awards back on my sidebar.

Seven Things I Did Before

1. Had lots of quiet.

2. Used snail mail.

3. Listened to my Walkman, or my boom box.

4. Had the squawking and beeps of my dial-up connecting memorized.

5. Rode my bicycle for miles at a time.

6. Tried to dress fashionably.

7. Earned my own money and spent it on myself.

Seven Things I Do Now

1. Yell “Be quiet!”

2. Use my cell phone to talk to my husband in a different part of our home.

3. Listen to music on my cell phone. Or on my boom box that I still have.

4. Disdain any internet that's not high speed.

5. Feel locked in sometimes because there are few sidewalks where we live.

6. Wear what is comfortable and looks good on me.

7. Fit things in for me between the girls' needs and husband's work clothes.

Seven Things I Would Like to Do

1. Take our kids to visit my husband's and my old “hang-outs” in Germany, and visit family and friends.

2. Visit the places in Germany we didn't get to last trip.

3. Visit Sulmona Valley in Italy, from which half of my husband's ancestors came.

4. Make money from home.

5. Sew more often.

6. Move to a bigger place.

7. Lose weight.

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Husband

1. His devotion to his wife and kids.

2. His geek-fu.

3. His strong Lutheran convictions.

4. His cooking skills.

5. His abilities in his career.

6. His good looks.

7. His ability to put up with me.

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. I mean, seriously!

2. Do your schoolwork!

3. Be quiet!

4. Empty the dishwasher.

5. Love you.

6. Get down! (to our cats)

7. Get to bed.

I will tag Debbie, to go with the Kreativ Blogger award she already has, lol, Marie, if she wants to take part, and LuLu, who is very creative.

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