Monday, December 01, 2008

Busy Day

We weren't wearing wigs or even hats, but we had a tea party on Saturday at the home of the Presbytera. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and yummy munchies were consumed and much fun girl talk took place. Here we see The Evil Genius, Debbie of Die-Steppdecken-des-Quilter, Indiana Jane, in whose honor the party was given, Marie at Picking Up Pen and Needle, and the Presbytera herself.

Next, BTEG's family journeyed to Youngstown, where my husband's great-nephew was baptized, with some Law thrown in.

Lastly, Mr. BTEG and I attended his twenty-year high school class reunion at Cardinal Mooney high school. We had a good time, hanging out mostly with one of Mr. BTEG's good buddies from high school, and his wife. They live in Colorado Springs, so we don't get to see them very often. The reunion was in the high school, and the halls were all open, so everybody took a tour of the school at one point or another during the night. There was an open bar, so the custodians might find some beer bottles or cocktail glasses in odd places in the building. Someone went out to the plaza in the middle of the school campus and rang the bell which is rung after every football victory. It was interesting for all the graduates to see what has remained the same and what has changed. Attending a much smaller high school, I wondered what attending such a large school would have been like. Although oddly enough, our library at the time was bigger than their library was back then. Theirs is all new and fancy now.

You can bet I was tired after all that.


Elephantschild said...

Congrats on that "baby" getting baptized!

kate5kiwis said...

wooooooooo hoooooooooo
you party girls!
love that feeling when chicks get together - love the laughter and the ease of chatter and the food.
love the food.
glad you had such a blast!
mwah X

Gino said...

Just to clarify, my "large" high school graduated 180 students in 1988. :)


Barb the Evil Genius said...

My high school graduated about 100, or less, in 1986. I'd say your school building was about twice as big as mine used to be.

Jane said...

It was good to finally meet you, Barb! :)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

It was nice to finally meet you too, Jane. I don't get to meet enough of my online friends.