Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Like, Totally Cool

I just, like, wanted to share this picture of my youngest daughter, henceforth to be known on this blog as WildChild. She put the whole outfit together herself, including hairdo, when she got dressed in the morning. I had to take a picture as I found it reminiscent of that golden era of the 80's. Anyone else think so? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

Today was the first humid and "sticky" day this year, and I ended up spending a good bit of the afternoon feeling dizzy and nauseous. Still, there were some good things today. My eldest daughter, henceforth to be known on this blog as the Scientist, had Latin class. That was enjoyable as usual. Discussion ranged from the history of the Cymry to the Punic Wars. We did miss the regular presence of some of the members of the Homestead Lutheran Academy, who only arrived at the very end due to other obligations.

The girls also got to spend time with some of their other friends, and I got to spend time with a mom friend (yay!) and lunch with the whole gang and my husband at my husband's place of employ, which has a kickin' cafeteria. Then we came home and WildChild and I had NailPolishPalooza with our new nail polish I just got today. For all that she is a bundle of energy, activity and mischief (hence the nickname WildChild) she is also very much a girly-girl. I enjoy sharing this with her, as I am a girly-girl as well. It's interesting to see how so many of my husband's and my traits, personality quirks and yes, flaws, are coming out in our children, in so many different ways. It's like our traits were put together in a jar, shaken up, and distributed randomly to our daughters! Well, one of the joys of being a parent is discovering the personality behind that cute baby face!


Lutheran Lucy said...

What a blessing it is to be a parent as well as to home-school our children and have that extra time with them like this particular moment with your little girl! It is fun to see them grow and blossom and become their "own persons" even though they do exemplify some of our characteristics as well.

Your "wildchild" is a cutie (and a lot of fun, I bet)! They both look like they are sweeties! :) We don't have a little girl - maybe we will get a Korean girl! I just want to pass on my Barbie dolls to our little girl! I would be happy with another boy though! Boys are sweet too! :)

Marie N. said...

As ususal I enjoyed reading your blog today. Love those nicknames!

Hope you are feeling better today.

Susan B. said...


WildChild is adorable in her 80s style clothes! :-)

I'm glad you had a great Mother's day.