Thursday, February 07, 2008


Like Miss Sniz, I'm feeling gloomy. Perhaps the gray, cold weather has something to do with it. I need something to perk me up, and I'm not coming up with any feasible ideas. Maybe I should try to clean up the clutter around here. It might help not to have to look at that.


Sniz said...

I know...and here in Indy it has been gray and rainy and foggy and...well, absolutely yucky for days. I just don't understand people who are not bothered by this! I hope you feel less blechy soon! (And that the sun comes out!)

The German Infanta said...

Evil Genius,

When I get the blahs of winterdom, I start planning a garden. Even if I never follow through with it, I get to look at colorful catalogs/Internet pages of wonderful springy things, and the planning eats up time.

Seeds are a cheap way to start a garden too, and some can be started months before a thaw.

Sniz said...

I plan gardens too. It's so hard to believe right now that it will be so hot dry at the end of summer, I will be tired of watering and taking care of them!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Unfortunately, a garden is not possible for me right now. Maybe just as well, as the only plant I own appears to be dying. :(

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Californians have been gloomy too, due to the rain we have been having so much of. Yesterday was beautiful, but it looks like fog and rain again today.

Do you have a full spectrum lamp, for SAD? Try to get one if you can, the small ones are about 200 bucks, but you can hunt for cheaper on Craig's list.

I also de-cluttered last night! ;-)

elephantschild said...

I used to love the grey, foggy days of fall and winter... but now they make me feel GROSS.