Friday, February 22, 2008

Home Doings

Well, most of the cookies are out of the house, hooray! I knew how big a job being a cookie mom was going to be, so it wasn't surprising, but I'm still glad it's pretty much over with. I do have to collect the money, and there's a little bit of paperwork still to do, but at least the heavy lifting is over. The Scientist was kind enough to come to Wildchild's Brownie meeting with me yesterday and truck boxes out to people's cars with our dolly. I'm sure she'll do something in 4-H that Wildchild can help her with.

Doesn't it seem like cats always jump up on your lap just when you're about to get up?

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kate5kiwis said...

i am totally for the idea that we all support each other's goings-on as much a possible, that's what binds us together as family. it's all about celebrating each other's gifts and interests...

am so excited cos today R14 is modelling a couple of dresses for a Bridal Show!!!
it's an old-time-bridal-show, organised by a friend of ours.
still, it's a wonderful chance to get your hair done and play Dress Ups!!! X