Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Catching Up

So, let's see. Our furnace got fixed on Monday. It just took an adjustment to the computer controls, so the guy that fixed it was barely here. It's nice to have the house warm again.

Now our printer is acting up. It's not recognizing the cartridge on the right side properly, even though the cartridge is not out of ink. I use the printer quite a bit for school, so that is frustrating.

Also, the Evil Genius Mobile was in a little accident on Saturday, when Mr. EG was taking the Scientist to her horseback riding lesson. I'm thankful that 1)it wasn't Mr. EG's fault and 2)the woman who hit us has good insurance. We've already had the estimate and we're cleared to get the necessary repairs done.

Speaking of the Evil Genius Mobile, I got a little chuckle last week. Mr. EG was meeting the girls and me one night at a restaurant in the same shopping area as our grocery store. I was still inside the grocery store when Mr. EG came by from work. He sat in our minivan for a short time waiting for me, then left me a note and left. When I came out, a woman parked across from me asked if I had somebody watching my car. I guess she was concerned Mr. EG might be a bad guy. I did appreciate the concern, but I still laughed. Of course, I was glad Mr. EG left me a note, or I wouldn't have understood what the woman was talking about.

I'm ready to put the zipper in Wildchild's dress; I just have to go buy one. Maybe tonight.

UPDATE: We just got our first piece of mail today from an ambulance-chasing chiropractor. I'd forgotten about that fun detail of getting into an accident.

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kate5kiwis said...

hate it how everything happens at once lol.
love X