Monday, November 23, 2009

It Worked Out

I was nervous last week about the very first parent-teacher conference I'd gone to in years. This one was for the Dancer, and as her only teacher for so long, it would truly be a reflection on me. Her teacher did say that the Dancer had a little bit of trouble in the early days, with math facts and with keeping up while writing answers in class. I'd tried to drill the Dancer as much as possible in her multiplication facts, but I had a hard time memorizing them as a child also. So while I felt a little guilty about that issue, I *had* worked with her on them. As a matter of fact, she's still working on them at home. As far as the notes, the Dancer's handwriting has never been copperplate, but I suppose the biggest issue is just that she had never learned to write things down as quickly as you need to in a classroom setting.

The good news is that her teacher says she is a good student and a hard worker, and that she is now completely integrated into the classroom. She also told me that I did a good job. That's great news for me. I didn't ruin her by all the years of homeschooling! I'm very proud of her and glad we had our time together.

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katie sparkles said...

i know well your sigh of relief.
and i get cross at myself for comparing teacher-self to classroom-styles.
and when sam had his first teacher interview (after about 6 weeks?) i rolled in there and the beautiful teacher was telling me all his grades and i looked at her all perplexed and garbled something about sorry for sounding all negligent parent but i'm not really caring about the grades for the first six months, just wanting him to find his groove, make friends and have a happy time of it.

and he did.

love that your dancer is too X