Thursday, November 12, 2009


I suppose it's due to the girls being in public school that we seem to be sick more often this fall. Although I think Gino was the one who brought the H1N1 virus home, the Dancer is the one who first developed the current germ going around the family. I don't have her cough but I spent most of the afternoon dozing which is definitely not normal. On the other hand, there has been lots of coughing going on during her dance classes. One girl was especially sick a couple of weeks ago and her grandmother was urging her to go out and dance. I couldn't see why the grandmother brought her in the first place. The dance teacher thinks the grandmother comes from the tough-it-out school. It's very annoying to me when people knowingly expose my child and myself to illness, especially for something as nonessential as a dance class. I won't go as far though as one mom who pulled her 3-year-old out of dance class and preschool until H1N1 is over. Germs and sicknesses will be floating around all winter! Hope we are not fighting off illness until March!


Elephantschild said...

My little niece is really sick with H1N1+pneumonia. :(

I don't understand why people 'tough it out' when they're sick. GO HOME! We don't want your germs!

Karen said...

I think that the "tough it out" people just don't stop and think about how their actions affect other people. It's a case of egocentrism at its worst.

Hope you all feel better soon.