Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm Peeved

The Dancer's teacher insists on holding the every-other-year dance recitals on Father's Day. That pretty much guarantees that a good bit of our family and none of our friends can attend. Plus I don't really think it's fair to the fathers of the dancers. The day should be about *them*, not about their progeny. I'm tempted to boycott, especially since we'd save the big bucks that get spent on costumes. On the other hand, the studio buzzes about the recital for the most of the year, and the Dancer really enjoyed the last recital. She'd probably hate to miss it and it seems unfair for her to be left out of all the excitement. Maybe we'll just have to put up with this one and think about something else for 2012.

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Karen said...

It seems that the studio is being inconsiderate. Father's Day is a holiday. Why can't they hold it on the Saturday before Father's Day?

Our girls have already begun learning their recital dances. It would be hard to take classes and not attend the recital. The teacher would plan the choreography without your daughter, so what would she do when they practiced the recital dance?

I hope you can come up with a good solution.