Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The laptop I use for my online needs finally died on Monday after lots of problems. So after a little time shopping I am set up with a new netbook. I miss the big screen of a full size laptop a little, but the netbook looks like it will work well for me, plus it has a battery that will last longer than 20 minutes, thus not tying me to a cord constantly.

I'm feeling rather moody. Perhaps it is related to my bi-polar, although my mood swings are much easier to relate to the illness when they are more dramatic. Thank God, medicine keeps mood swings from going too far, generally. However, my counselor and I have been discussing something which I've been thinking hard about today. Can a person be friends with someone with whom they don't have a lot in common, or perhaps they completely disagree on a major issue or two? I have a difficult time doing this, but some people do seem able to accomplish it. And when I get in a certain mood, I feel like giving up on people all together and picking up my toys and going home. Not very productive to burn bridges, but sometimes my inner self urges me to do it. I've been able to stick to the more prudent option of keeping bridges intact so far, but this whole people thing just confuses me sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the 'correct' answer, but I certainly know that I have a hard time being friendly without having much in common (hence, my very small circle of friends). So you are not alone!

Sniz said...

First of all, tell me more about the Netbook. My hubby just told me about it a couple of weeks ago and it sounds like it might be a good alternative for me when it comes time to replace this computer. Secondly, hang in there. Friendship with someone you have very little in common with is hard. What about just being acquaintances with those people and not being close?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm liking this netbook pretty well. I didn't like the one DH first tried for me, because the one shift key was way too small, and I am a touch typist. The touchpad mouse buttons were also very "tight" and I use those a lot. This one (an HP) has a full-size keyboard and buttons on either side of the touchpad that are easy for me to use. I seem to only miss the larger screen when I am looking at some pictures, so it's not a big problem. It's a bit hard to type in your lap as there is not as much space to rest your wrists. The battery is not lasting nearly as long as advertised, so DH is going to look into that.

I agree with the acquaintance theory, Miss Sniz. I'm just trying hard to find some real friends also. Plus, when you are in a group and you feel everyone in the group feels the same way but you, it can leave someone like me feeling left out. I get kind of sensitive sometimes, not sure why.

Angie, thanks for your input. I feel the same way, but my counselor questions me sometimes on some of this stuff.