Friday, April 24, 2009

The Art of Blogging

I'm feeling blogger envy, of all the people who can write extensively and heart-stirringly about subjects. I'm not going to say I can't write, but I don't know that I'm a good essayist. I tend to be rather brief and to-the-point when I express myself in writing, and I'm afraid it makes me rather boring. I also see my readership dropping, and a lot of hits on my blog are coming from people merely finding a search match to a certain phase or picture on my blog. I still have opinions on a lot of things; I'm just having a hard time putting them into words right now.

Oddly enough to me, life is seeming more demanding than it did when the girls were little. Yes, they can do more for themselves and help out around the house, but there are all the activities they are involved in, wanting to go to friends' homes (wishing we knew some kids who lived closer), concentrating more on schoolwork as the girls get older, especially the Equestrienne who will be starting high school in a little more than a year and needs to be prepared.

I also tend to be a bit in a fog lately. Not sure if it is age, or my bi-polar meds, or the craziness of life, but I'm struggling to put coherent thoughts together. Not ready to give up yet though. If anything, perhaps getting complete sentences and paragraphs out might help my brain-fog.


Glenda said...

I'm right there with ya BTEG. Although, I wouldn't say I'm necessarily short and to the point; I tend to think I ramble and could use to retake a composition class.

I agree, now as the kids are older it is the time of busy-ness and running hither and thither. I suppose this too shall pass....

Elephantschild said...

There are no rules on post length, and there are no rules on writing style. Just go ahead and post.

All those twits on Twitter aren't worrying too much about crafting elegant prose. Why should we?


Karen said...

I found that once I had children old enough to drive, my life remained really busy, but I was not wasting so much time hauling people to various events and activities. The teen drivers enjoy taking kids places, because they get to drive. Amy and Katie also take the city bus occasionally to an activity, which also helps.

I always love reading your blog. You often express opinions or feelings similar to my own!

Scottius Maximus said...


The first rule of show biz- always leave them wanting more. It is better to tell one too few jokes than one too many.

The same applies to blogging. I don't have time to read essays.

Keep doing what you're doing. How do you know your readership is dropping? It may just be evolving.

Susan B. said...

Hi Barb,

I guess I'm having similar problems with blogging. Right now, my blog is on indefinite hiatus. I've sort of replaced blogging with Twittering for the time being. It's just easier for me to do the latter than the former right now.

I will eventually start blogging again, but first I will need to revamp some things. One reason blogging became frustrating for me is the slowness of posting things and performing admin tasks. I need to update the layout and either start up a fresh, new blog and/or upgrade/change the blogging platform. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do those things right now.

I would say that you shouldn't worry about your posts being too short. Brevity and saying a lot with fewer words is actually a good thing. That's what I like about Twitter -- it forces me to express a thought in as few words as possible.