Sunday, March 29, 2009

Evil But Not Alone

Surfing around the internet I find I was not alone in wanting to have all the lights and the appliances in the house on non-stop yesterday. Do these environment-lovers not realize their shrill and self-congratulatory proselytization is the Christian equivalent to the guy standing on the street corner telling everybody they're going to hell? It just makes you want to do the opposite of whatever they propose. Honestly, I try not to waste gas or electricity just because they cost money! Not like some who tell us we should cut back while they use more fuel in one month than we use in a year. I'm fed up with being preached at.


Liz said...

We did turned everything on for that hour... except lights that would interrupt Mallory's sleeping.

Susan B. said...

I just ignored Earth Hour and lived my life as I normally would. It's nothing but symbolism...turning all the power off for an hour will make no real difference. It's just a way for the greenies to feel all self-righteous and superior. I also get tired of being preached at, especially because the celebrities doing the preaching are so hypocritical. These people fly on private jets and have huge mansions. I'll compare my carbon footprint to theirs any time.