Wednesday, January 16, 2008

House and Home

Since what we're doing is mainly school-related lately, I'm going to share this picture of an ancient Israelite house the girls have been working on as part of our study of ancient history. The floor is sandpaper, to simulate dirt, and it contains an oven, two bowls, an oil lamp, and a grinding set. My husband's former college roommate, who has his PhD in Old Testament studies, and who has been on an archeological dig in Israel, approved of our design. :)

We're using this book right now. Overall, I like it, even though it is written from a secular viewpoint. The author's unwillingness to believe that Baal worshipers of the time committed some horrific acts, even though it was documented not only by the Israelites, but also by the Greeks and Romans, is interesting.

It's sweet that even though we spend so much time together, family dinner is still important enough to Wildchild that she cleared the table off so we could have it. To put this in context, Wildchild usually needs to be told (and told) to do household chores, so for her to put in the effort to clear the table says something. The girls both pitched in with making the meal tonight, too. I like that they have an interest in cooking, and the time to pursue it.

I've been good about walking, and fairly good about eating, although we've made a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookies this past week. But I haven't been a pig with them, and at least homemade are better for you, right? :) I also can't give up the carbs like Kate has been able to. For example, the delicious beef stew I made tonight contained not only tender beef, but also potatoes and corn. And of course a dinner roll or two with the stew really tasted good! Right now, I'm trying moderation in my meals, and exercise. We'll see how it goes.


kate5kiwis said...

chocolate is a vegetable.
it's completely guilt-free.
which is good cos i had a huge slice of pain au chocolat that i made today... X

Marie N. said...

The house looks great! Those projects are always so memorable for the students. It is an extra plus to have the approval of an archaeologist.

Good luck with the walking. I'm trying to keep mine going too.