Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Fatigue

We started school again yesterday, mainly because the girls were getting bored but also because I wanted to get back to a schedule. I got tired of the aimless existence we were living during the holidays. Today, though, I've been feeling rather tired; I notice I usually do on Fridays. Still, I'm doing my best to keep the ship running. I really need to get my stamina up.

We had my husband's college roommate, his wife and their daughter stay overnight with us on New Year's Eve. It's funny, because Matt had spent several New Year's Eves with us and some other friends, before he got married and they adopted their daughter. It was nice to see them, after several years, and meet their daughter.

We spent New Year's Day with my in-laws. It was mostly good food, and football, and being tired from having stayed up until 2 AM playing Settlers of Catan on New Year's Eve.

I have to help the girls with dinner, so I'll stop here. There are a couple of things I've been thinking about, but I don't have them put into words yet, so hopefully I'll be posting again soon!


katie of The Sunny Bay said...

ikwym about fridays.
which is why the beach is such a godsend!!!
i definitely need *peeps* on fridays. i take the lads to "sports" for an hour and a half and sometimes i sneak out for coffee with a girlfriend!!!
sheesh, you do get the confessions outta me so easily X

Sniz said...

I'm glad it feels good to get back into school. We're starting Monday...I have to spend about four hours on the weekend planning for our week for it to go smoothly, so here I am putting it off. I don't like the aimless existence either, but it's better than school planning to me. I wish I didn't dislike it the way I do. Sigh.

Sniz said...

Hey girl, there's an award for you at my place. Come pick it up anytime!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Just think of it as giving me good advice, Kate. Although the beach isn't sounding so tempting around here right now.

Miss Sniz, you certainly put a lot of work into your planning. I mostly let the curriculum guide what we do. I put the most work into history and German. I'd like to put more time into science, also.