Monday, October 29, 2007

Planning Ahead

I'm a little conflicted. I think it's insane that, when we went to Target last night, they were in the process of taking down the Halloween decorations and going all out Christmas. If only Thanksgiving really did have a turkey tree, perhaps we could forgo this rush to Christmas.

On the other hand, I'm already starting to plan Christmas presents, and I'll probably buy some soon as well. It's nice to spread out the cost in gift buying. I'd like to get some stuff out of the way early, like addressing Christmas cards, so during the holiday season I have more time for fun stuff, like baking cookies, and driving around to see holiday lights. Why shouldn't merchants cater to the desire to plan ahead for the holidays?

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Cheryl said...

It doesn't bother me to see Christmas decorations in the stores now. I, too, am starting to think about gift-buying. But when I go into a Hallmark store in Juy or August and they already have the Chrismas ornaments on display, that's where I empathize with Charlie Brown and his rant against commercialism!