Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Creating a Pattern

We're settling into a routine here in Evil Genius Land. Wildchild has had her first Brownie meeting and is taking ballet and jazz dance once a week. I was gratified to hear Wildchild's new leader say that my daughter, homeschooled since kindergarten, fit right into her new troop. I'm hoping she'll make a friend or two in the troop. She's much more social than her sister (perhaps a second-born thing?) and she doesn't play as well alone. Just as moms are so busy today, so girls of eight are busy with schoolwork, homework, and innumerable activities.

And speaking of activities, I've been making phone calls trying to find a 4-H club for the Scientist. She tried Girl Scouts, but with her serious and studious nature, and love of animals, I think she'll be happier in 4-H, despite the fact that she can't do any animal raising where we're at right now. I found one 4-H club in the area whose leader has miniature horses. She'd be in heaven with that. Hope that works out, as we're experiencing much frustration with vehicles. Our minivan finally made it into the shop for a new (to us) engine, only to have to go back after a few days. I want my minivan! (sniffle) Horse stables and tack shops seem to generally be quite a drive from where we live, and Mr. Evil Genius and I don't trust the beater I am currently driving to make it that far. Meanwhile, the poor Scientist is chomping at the bit (ha!) to take horseback riding lessons.

Not content with three projects on the table, I started a fourth, one for which I've had the materials for a while: a ballet bag for Wildchild. This one should be done fairly quickly, being pretty straightforward. I hope so!

Oh, and of course there's school! I'm not getting as much German taught as I'd like, but we're not doing badly in the other subjects. We're doing ancient history right now, and I am jumping around a little bit more than I'd like in that. So many early civilizations started around the same time. I think I'll have the girls help me with a timeline to tie it all together. I'm happy with the girls' art curricula this year, where I felt I had a gap there before. Everything else, I have a direction I'm heading in, which is half the battle. Heck, that pretty much describes my life right now: everything is not exactly where I want it to be, but I know which way I'm going.

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kate5kiwis said...

wow barb, you are totally up and running girl!!!!!!!!
we've had loads of fun over the years with timelines... it really puts *little old us* in perspective lol X