Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bier Trinken

This past Monday, Labor Day, we were looking for something fun to do, so we took a trip to the Oktoberfest at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. We had a good time, although the German culture was mostly represented by all the beer. :) The dancers that impressed me most were the Verlezza Dance company. They were *smokin'* hot! Also lots of flirting going on, flipping the edge of the women's skirts, etc. Those Italians!

I didn't take the camera with us. My shoulders were a little tired from having my purse on one and the camera case on the other, on Saturday. You can see lots of pictures on the official website, if you're interested. But in honor of the Hofbräuhaus they had set up, I'll share a picture of my husband and I, before we were married, at the real Hofbräuhaus in Munich. We were visiting a friend of my husband's, who went to high school with my husband for one year. Yes, the place is touristy, but we had fun, and neither my husband nor I are too fond of beer, so we wouldn't have appreciated a place that served "better" beer anyway.

And here's a beautiful shot in the Nymphenburg Park in Munich, which we also visited.


jau said...

You two are adorable!! And you look about 12. What's your sweatshirt say??

elephantschild said...

That's what I was going to say! I don't think I looked that good when I was ACTUALLY twelve!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thank you, you two! Now that I'm almost 40, I appreciate looking younger more and more! Jau, my sweatshirt actually says, Hofbräuhaus, München! I believe one of my sisters bought it for me when they spent a week in Germany in high school.