Friday, October 08, 2010


I may have made an important discovery. I think a medication I was taking temporarily has contributed to my *extreme* tiredness. I'm hoping this will turn out to be the case. There's so much I want to do in real life, things I want to discuss here on my blog, and I hate being too tired to do anything but the very basics.

I've been thinking a lot about raising children, as I drive my two daughters to and from and all over town. What I see as an important thing for my child to do, or be, or know, may not matter a great deal to another parent, even one that shares many of the same religious and political values I do. In my case, some of the things I want for my daughters are things I feel I lacked while growing up. I imagine this applies to all parents, but it's still interesting noting it in myself. There are of course all the cliches, like a mother wanting her daughter to be Homecoming Queen just like she was, or a father wanting his son to be the star quarterback because the father always rode the bench. I'm trying not to relive my teen years through my daughters nor try to make them fulfill dreams that I couldn't. What I want to do is spot places where I was "weak" and make sure my daughters get a little more support in those areas. Ultimately my parenting will be imperfect, like everything else I do. But I want my daughters to think I did a good job.

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