Monday, February 09, 2009


The good news is, (relatively) warm weather and sunshine have come to Northeast Ohio, melting away a lot of the snow and ice. The bad news is, our church basement flooded. Boy, does that building need work. Maybe we should all start buying lottery tickets.

I didn't realize how much being housebound by this illness that refuses to die was affecting me until we went out to lunch with friends yesterday. I felt a lot better afterwards. I wish there were more active homeschool groups around here. I've found a couple that mostly communicate through Yahoo Groups, but they don't do much by way of activities. My eldest daughter is in an online charter school, but a lot of the stuff they do seems to be waaaayyyy over on the other side of town. Why is it so hard to find congenial folks so often?

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steve martin said...

"Why is it so hard to find congenial folks so often?"

Good question!

Could it be that the demands of modern life have everyone scurrying to and fro and place time constraints (real or imagined) on everyone. No one has, or will take the time to stop and visit for awhile?

I dunno.

God bless you and the other homeschoolers!

The WORST MISTAKE I ever made in bringing up my kids was to send them to public schools. I'll always regret it.

Thanks Barb!

I'll pray for you and your congregation (church's needs).


- Steve