Monday, February 23, 2009

That Was Incredible

Due to scheduling, we didn't have the Dancer's birthday party until today. We had it at a place called Pump It Up, and we had an amazing time. Pump It Up is a place full of fun giant inflatables. Parties get a private room, and the Dancer and some of her friends got to run around and play for an hour.

The biggest bouncing area became a jousting ring after the kids bounced in it for a while. The kids took turns wearing a padded helmet and taking on another kid with a large padded weapon.

After all the exercise, we had pizza, cake, ice cream and beverages in the party room. The girl on staff assisting at the party had pizza out for everyone when we came in, put the candles in the cake, lit the candles, cut the cake, served cake and ice cream, cleaned the cake knife we had brought along, and even wrote down who gave the Dancer what. We didn't have to do a thing but have fun. I think it will be a birthday party the Dancer will always remember.

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skatey katie said...

love the party - fabulous!
hippie happies lovely girlie X