Saturday, June 20, 2015

All That I Need, To Support This Body and Life

The above is a quote from Luther's Small Catechism, at least the version that I learned from. I suppose it made sense to update the language, but at the same time it was odd for my daughters to be learning something from different from what I had memorized.

I've mentioned before how one of my medicines can elevate cholesterol. My try to switch to a different medication didn't work out, so my psychiatrist has me get a complete blood panel every year. This time, the results showed that I am very low on Vitamin D, so I have to take high units of Vitamin D pills, and I'm also taking fish oil in an attempt to help the triglycerides. I also have to find a primary doctor, again. During the past few years, every primary doctor I've had has left local practice. I imagine being a specialist might be more rewarding. I also need to get walking again. Summer in northeast Ohio is not exactly conducive to outdoor exercise because of the humidity, but I'm trying to walk later in the evening, when at least the sun is mostly down. Such a delicate dance to maintain health!


Karen said...

I've started walking with one of my daughters in the morning through a huge local cemetery. The cemetery is located next to a large river it's so peaceful to see all the wildlife and hear the birds and we get our exercise. Later in the day, the mosquitoes are so thick that walking isn't enjoyable at all.

Do you have a walking buddy? It motivates me to go when I'd rather turn over for another 20 minutes of sleep.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I don't have a walking buddy, unfortunately. I could ask the Dancer, but she's made me feel old and slow in the past. She's so in shape that the kind of walk I can currently handle is nothing to her.

I did try going for a walk in a neighborhood park once with the Musician. She quickly got distracted playing Poohsticks in the creek. :)