Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Surprise Night at the Theater

Mr. BTEG got a phone call from the owner of the Dancer's dance studio on Saturday. Seems an adult who takes a private lesson on Saturdays came in with four tickets to that evening's showing of the play Newsies, at Cleveland's Playhouse Square. The studio owner wanted to double check that we could use the tickets. We were happy to accept, especially since the Dancer's tap recital dance back in June was to "King of New York," from Newsies.

After some calling around, it ended up being Mr. BTEG and I, the Dancer, and one of the Dancer's best friends, who is interested in theater, who attended. Said friend was actually at the high school theater painting scenery for the next high school theater production when we got hold of her, and she had to rush home and take a shower.

It was definitely the kind of evening we won't be reproducing anytime soon. In addition to the four tickets, we also got a pass to park free in the Playhouse Square parking garage, with a covered walkway to Playhouse Square's group of theaters. And when we picked up the tickets at the Dancer's studio, we discovered that they were loge tickets. We sat in our own little row of four seats, with some small tables, and waitresses came and took food and drink orders and brought the items directly to our seats. That was a new experience for this family.

I suppose it sounds silly to say that it made me feel ridiculously rich to have the tickets and the parking and everything, but it did. The Evil Genius family is very blessed, but there isn't room in the budget for these kind of events, especially in the luxury seats we had. It was a very pleasant and welcome surprise.


Karen said...

This type of unexpected gift is such a blessing. The fact that it was something you can't normally do makes it even more special than a night out. Glad you were able to have such a special evening.

skatey katie said...

so cool. my sam danced and sang the lead for "seize the day" from newsies in sept last year.. he did quite a few acrobatics during the song.. fraser was stage manager so i watched every night from the wings with my fingers crossed and my heart beating out of my chest..... x

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thank you, Karen.

Karen and Katie, it's so great to watch our kids perform, isn't it? Bet you were a proud mama, Katie.