Saturday, January 02, 2010

Life in 2010

Yesterday the house was full as my in-laws came in from Youngstown. Fortunately, they brought all the food, including a pork roast, kielbasa and sauerkraut. I really wasn't prepared to do a lot of cooking. My sister-in-law covets my kitchen. I'm rather fond of it myself.

I've become rather attached to this house. It's ending up, though, that the main living of the house is being done down the basement, while I prefer to stay upstairs and soak up as much natural light as possible. I guess we'll still have to work things out. On the other hand, the treadmill is downstairs, and I used it today! Not for very long, but it's a good start. This treadmill seems odd, though. Like it was made for running. The very slowest setting is about the fastest I can keep up with it. Well, it's worth every penny we paid for it! :)


Elephantschild said...

It really looks like a great place, BTEG! I mean, I do love my old house. But having everything new and having enough outlets and closets - well, that's sure a lovely thing, too!

Hey, even 5 minutes per day on that treadmill is more than I'm getting!

Karen said...

It's a great kitchen! I'm so glad that you are all happy in your new home. Blessings for a terrific new year.

Angie said...

The kitchen looks lovely! Our last house involved too much time downstairs too, so I know that frustration.