Friday, June 05, 2009

The List Keeps Growing

It seems to me that people used to get together most often in winter during olden times, and barely saw each other in the summer. I imagine that was due, at least at first, to all the farm work necessary in summer, and later, to the Victorian/Edwardian propensity for going to the country in the summer. Now it seems that people hibernate during the winter, at least after Christmas, and do all kinds of things during the summer, at least in the greater Cleveland area where the winter can be long and tough and the early and late summer can be very pleasant.

Tomorrow a fellow church member is having a garage sale to raise money for a youth group trip. I would have liked to be there today so the Equestrienne could help get things ready, but she has school to do, and I am still not feeling one hundred percent. Not only do we have the garage sale tomorrow, but one of the Dancer's friends is having her end-of-year recital right in the middle of the afternoon.

Tonight the Equestrienne is going to a birthday party, with an 80's theme. What fun! I remember years and years ago some girl saying she dreaded having her daughter come home and tell her that tomorrow was 80's day at school. It's the circle of life!

Next Saturday is a work day at church, for which we will not be able to stay very long, because we are going to an Indians game with a tailgate party beforehand. It's a birthday get-together for a local geocacher.

Here's a picture of the Equestrienne from last weekend, which was a busy one also. I really do wish there were close to as many activities in the winter as there are in the summer! Winter is when I am at my bluest and need human interaction!


Karen said...

We have the same problem in Michigan. Everyone hunkers down trying to keep warm during the long winter, but wants to get together during the most productive time of year.

Thanks for posting the picture of your daughter. Your sanctuary is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,

Sometimes I feel like hibernating in the summer, too!

Have you ever heard of "come as you are" parties? These were in the 1940s or 50s, but it was spontaneous - on a weekday morning, one housewife would invite the other housewives over, but you couldn't change your clothes before leaving. Come as you are! Sounds fun, (and dated!).


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'd love it if there were enough housewives around here to have get-togethers!

skatey katie said...

(that is one impressive clergyman)
nah, seriously, i used to love the beautiful ceremony in our anglican church during my teen years - i really miss it sometimes. nearly enough to start going to church again.
love X

Barb the Evil Genius said...

The Anglican church is very similar to the Lutheran church, I think. And our pastor and his wife are big Princess Bride fans! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, if I tried a "come as you are" party in my neighborhood, my house would become a daycare center REAL quick.


Kim said...

Because we live in the desert all the fun stuff happens during the winter and spring, nothing happens in the summer. All activities are canceled and everyone stays indoors except for a couple of hours in the morning and late evening. We are almost to the slow time of the year when it's difficult to find things to do!