Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh the Pain

I'm having a so-so day after spending a good bit of yesterday groggy, slightly dizzy, not feeling well. I think it is a reaction to whatever pain medication the dentist used on me when I had a small cavity taken care of on Wednesday. I don't do well with pain medication. I'm allergic to codeine. Oxycodone makes me start to lose my grip on reality. I forget what meds they gave me right after I had my tonsils removed and some other work done (in my 30's!) That stuff didn't make me sick, I don't think. I was kind of out of it for the first bit after the surgery. Feeling pain isn't that hot either, unfortunately. As someone who's delivered two children, one by c-section, I can say this.

I worked up a muslin today for a pair of capris I am making. A muslin is a test garment, so called because it is generally made out of inexpensive fabric, like muslin. When you're making something that's a little more fitted, like a pair of pants or a fitted dress, it's good to make a muslin first so you don't destroy your good fabric if the pattern isn't just right. Fortunately, I've gotten pretty good at tinkering with pants patterns to get the fit pretty close. Wearing clothes that were made just for you can be pretty addicting. I've spoiled my kids into getting used to it as well.

Speaking of pain, my daughters are psyched up about High School Musical 2 tonight. At least one of them is going over to a friend's to watch it.


elephantschild said...

Oh, I really want to learn pants. I've have the world's hardest-to-fit /ahem/ and a terrible time finding pants. More details on the process, please!

elephantschild said...

Ok, I see my error above, but I'm not going to delete and retype. :(

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Okay, you know you start with your waist and hip measurements, and find a pattern with measurements closest to yours.

First things to fit are crotch depth and crotch length. To find your crotch depth, sit down on a flat surface and measure from the surface to your waist, with a straight ruler, not a measuring tape. There should be a line on your pattern to lengthen/shorten as needed. Front and back pieces should be changed the same amount.

Crotch length is measured basically from your waist in front, between your legs and up to your waist in back. That can be adjusted on your pattern by lengthening or shortening the point where the curve of the crotch seam meets the leg seam. You should only lengthen or shorten by a couple of inches at the most, though.

Changing the length of pants is simple, just make sure you use the line(s) provided on the pattern to do so. Don't just hack off or add on at the bottom.

If the hips fit but the waist is off, you can take in/let out the darts a little.

When measuring on your paper pattern to see what adjustments are needed, don't forget to allow for seam allowances and a waistband, if your pants have that. I like to trace the pattern onto a sheet of tracing paper, leaving room around the traced pattern. This leaves my original pattern intact, and the room around the traced pattern allows you to make the pattern lines longer, if necessary, and "true" the pattern lines. This means redrawing lines to connect if you have had to lengthen or shorten anywhere and the pattern lines don't match up neatly anymore.

Clear as mud? Any other questions?

elephantschild said...

That's actually clear - and I'm glad for the tip on crotch *depth*, because it wouldn't have occurred to me to check that.

I think I'm going to have to hit the stash bins in the basement tomorrow afternoon and go fabric hunting! Thanks!

TKls2myhrt said...

Glad you mentioned the sensitivity to oxycodone. I can't take it either! I hallucinate and generally leave the planet, which is very unpleasant. When I mention it to doctors, they just get a quizzical look on their faces; not surprising considering how fast they shell out that wonder so many are addicted. On the other hand, codeine has been the only reliable pain reliever for me this past year of infection and surgery. Thankfully, I'm past all that!

I should (re)learn to sew or at least tailor my store-bought clothes. It takes me a long time to find something that actually fits. First, I need a new sewing machine!

jau said...

Your sewing is amazing. I'm SOOOOO impressed and jealous.