Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trying Again

I have to admit, it's been crazy around here. I've had so much more energy and drive since the surgery, but too often I can wear myself out so much that I am exhausted for the next day or so. I'm hoping to improve my stamina and tackle things I never felt up to before.

Right now, the household is kind of on a countdown to June. The Musician will be graduating from high school. She's working and trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, while she looks forward to her graduation. The Dancer is having a dance recital in June. She is in six dances, which required six costumes, a few of which needed sewing work. Costumes never come completely finished, I suppose to fit the size vagaries of hundreds of kids. Also, the studio owner and teacher asked me for more of my sewing help than I've given her in the past. Out of seven pointe costumes, for example, six needed alterations, including the Dancer's. The bodices are largely made out of a foam with stretch velvet over, and they've been weird to work on. But besides a lot of people being impressed by my skills (which is always nice) we're getting a tuition break this month against the hours that I've put in.

On top of all this, I've been getting more involved in the doll collecting world, which has led to me putting more time and effort into my collection. It's nice to have a fun and relaxing hobby, and I've met a lot of great people recently on the internet, but I've also missed this blog. I've missed the people that I know from here. Which means that I'm going to have to make an effort to write here again. I hope to see some familiar faces around, and maybe meet some new ones!


Karen said...

So glad that your back to blogging! I've missed reading it regularly. All the previous studios where the girls have danced required lots of additional sewing before recitals. Their current studio sells fully completed costumes. It's so nice not sewing on sequins for days in preparation for recital. Glad that you received a tuition break!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thank you so much, Karen! I've never had to do anything as labor intensive as sewing on sequins, but a lot of the clothes just don't fit the girls right, especially under the arms and in the bust area. The pointe bodices were probably the worst this year, however. I'm also tacking on a few belts on a couple of costumes where they are riding up on the girls.