Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Marcy Kaptur, You Disgusting Witch

I am especially ashamed today to say that Marcy Kaptur is my Representative after her name has been linked to this article stating that WWII vets who want to visit the national memorial may be arrested. Yes, this open air monument, open twenty-four hours a day, is currently "shut down" because Democrats are throwing a hissy fit that they didn't completely get their way, and a government shutdown ensued. Ace of Spades really brings it regarding how stupid this all is. It's always been wide open, where anyone can walk into it. It was not even funded by the Federal Government. The whole thing is political theater to punish the people who dared step out of line with a certain political party. I'm just adding the local story of how two-faced and unbelievably self-promoting this person who does not represent me in Congress is. Because check out what she has on her webpage:

She's willing to use vets for her own self-serving photo ops, but is happy to block their entrance into an OPEN AIR PARK, again, for her own benefit. I hope your district sees right through you and votes you out as soon as possible. The only member of your district you're interested in serving is yourself.

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