Sunday, August 25, 2013


I am at one of those times where I find my life and my interests changing. I'm not exactly interested in anything *new,* I just find my priorities shifting. Part of that is because while I'm many years away from an empty nest, my daughters are becoming more independent. The Musician should be getting her driver's license within the next few months, which will be an enormous help. We had been putting it off, but this year the Musician has a wonderful opportunity. She is taking five classes at the high school, but she will also be spending part of her time either at the local community college, or student teaching at schools here in our town. She wants to be a teacher, and will be earning college credit for this, so it is fantastic that a senior in  high school can already try out student teaching. However, this will involve a lot of driving around, so we decided it was better to pay the few hundred dollars for driving school than have me schlepping her around all day.

This will give me more time for me, which I could really use. I want to get into sewing more seriously. I want to get in to sewing doll clothes more, but a big priority is also clothes for the family. I am down to wearing a t-shirt my husband wore while he was working at Applebee's over ten years ago, as one of my "at-home" shirts. Even buying store clothing on sale can add up, especially for plus-size me, so sewing at least a few things will be worth it.

Plus, the Musician needed new band shoes; her old ones were literally held together with duct tape and I insisted she needed something better for her senior year. And it looks like the Dancer will need pointe shoes every five to six months. Yes, that's a lot of money. The thing is, she's good at dance, and honestly this is the time for her to study it, especially pointe. She'll never had this chance again, and for that matter, the Musician will never be in high school again, so I want them to get all the experiences that they want, and we can afford. By the way, did you know professional ballerinas can destroy a pair of pointe shoes in a night???

Lastly, knitting. I have so many projects that I want to do, that I need to put more time into it if I'm going to have a hope of making meaningful progress on the list. I'm not a very fast knitter, but maybe with more regular practice, I can become one.


Anonymous said...

Just say *no* to schlepping!


Karen said...

So how are you progressing with your new free time? Have you managed to make many clothes yet? I love to make clothing, but have found that getting good patterns is a problem as my children got older. It's to the point that I save favorite shirts and skirts to use the worn out item as a pattern for a new item.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I haven't managed to make a lot of clothes yet, but I am working on a Homecoming dress today. I ended up realizing I needed to reorganize my sewing stuff first, which took a lot of time but should pay off down the road.

Both of my daughters are adult sizes now, so patterns are not so much of an issue. I know what you mean about finding good ones, though.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Oh, hey, J.S., did you know that my dictionary on my computer actually recognizes "schlepping?" Sometimes a Yiddish word can be so descriptive. And the Musician managed to find someone to carpool with to and from the community college. That was five days a week; this week it started being only two days a week. Still better than nothing.