Monday, November 26, 2012

Waiting for the Lightning

Seems Jamie Foxx recently called Obama his "lord and savior." No, really, Yeah. He did. I wouldn't stand too close to him, in case the lighting bolt from above shows up.

If you ever read Ace of Spades, you are well familiar with the Let It Burn concept. The idea that this country is too far in debt and has too large of a lazy, self-centered populace that likes to be ignorant and plans on staying that way, means the country is at some point going to collapse. So, let's get the party started now. If you believe at some point this house of cards is all going to come down, then why delay the pain? And part of Letting It Burn is destroying the entertainment and media industries. If you were paying attention, you may have noticed that during the run-up to the election, an enormous majority of celebrities may not have been calling our current president their lord and savior, but they are certainly behind him, and quite happy to demonize anyone who isn't. If you're a reader who knows me from Martin Loopers, you probably don't watch much television already, and may not have cable. I'm trying to persuade Mr. BTEG to at least cancel our Sirius satellite radio subscription, if not our cable. I want us to avoid as many movies as possible, especially the ones where the more vocal Obama supporters are stars. Tell me why any of the liars, tramps, sluts and thieves in Hollywood deserve my family's money. Let them feel the economic depression/recession just like the rest of us.


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David Ryan said...

Barb - It is truly a wondrous thing that the balance has seemed to tip in favor of the ignorant, ill-informed, and collectivist/progressive side. "Seemed" is the appropriate word here. There are millions of us "old school" people around who do still put their faith in God and the Constitution, indeed, I'm sure we are still a majority. Perhaps if we do "let it burn" the results will burn away the crust over the eyes of many who will finally realize what has happened and join us in correcting it.

The imperative for us lies in the fact that we must not forget that we are not alone - there are millions who believe as we do and we can count on each other. We will prevail!