Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Can't Tell You How Sick This Makes Me

One of my guilty secrets is reading online forums, even ones where I don't have a direct connection to the forum topic, such as kitchen remodelling. I like reading peoples' stories, good and bad, and seeing pictures of what kind of remodels and crafts and so forth people do. And depending on the forum, mostly people are relatively polite and remain on topic.

But something I read recently made me very sick at heart, and it preyed on my mind for quite a while that evening. A woman was talking about how she and her boyfriend of a year just found out that the boyfriend is a father of a child, the product of a one-night-stand. At which point, a few commenters talked about how it is not "fair" that the woman didn't just abort the child. Well, first of all, as I am fond of saying, life ain't fair. And why supposedly grown adults should still think that any part of life should be "fair" is beyond me. How is it fair that a person should not have to live with the consequences of his behavior?

But the worst part is what easy abortion is doing to people's hearts and minds. People who probably think that they are "good" people are, in essence, saying that there is a baby out there who should not have been born. A human being who should not exist. That someone should not have been allowed to draw his first breath not because of what he had done, but because of what his biological parents did. Not only that, complete strangers on the internet feel free to postulate on whether a child should have been allowed to live. How much more twisted will we become?

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Karen said...

We have become a nation that talks about the importance of children for the future and how we should spend increasing amounts of money for the nation's children, but feel that children are disposable if they weren't planned and wanted.

What a strange combination! I think people feel better if they through money at children's programs because it shows that they care for children. Just don't ask them to curtail their wants and desires. Very thought provoking post.