Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running Again

I found my machine oil. It was in a little crate with some other bathroom items. I keep it in the bathroom because, where else is easier to clean up if some of the oil happens to spill?

We're going to be very busy for a while here, and I hate having so much on my plate. Curriculum night at the middle school tonight, ice cream social for the high school marching band tomorrow. Fortunately, Daddy will be the one taking the girls school supply shopping on Saturday. I will probably be the one taking the girls shopping for a few new clothes. Next week, marching band preview night, then the first day of school. Then the football games start, then the dance classes start. I guess it will keep me out of trouble. :)

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Elephantschild said...

I keep my machine oil standing in a ceramic soap dish! Because it always leaks, doesn't it? No matter what, it leaks a little.

Speaking of which, prolly time to strip down my machine and clean and oil it again. It's been a while.