Monday, July 12, 2010

House Hunting

The Musician has always been very sensitive to smells. For the longest time she couldn't even walk down the shampoo aisle or the laundry detergent aisle without getting ill, and of course she is very sensitive to what kind of shampoo and soap she uses, and what kind her sister uses since they share a bathroom. She once threw up when my sister with no sense of boundaries forced smelly hand lotion on her (one of the reasons I don't speak to my sister much.)

She must get it from me, because while house hunting I have been frustrated with how badly some of these houses smell to me because of some kind of air freshener or cleaner. As we were driving away from the last house we looked at, I remarked to Mr. BTEG how badly it smelled and he replied that he hadn't really noticed anything. So perhaps I am extra sensitive, but I would think a person would be careful about that sort of thing when trying to interest a prospective buyer or renter in a property. Easier said than done if you are not sensitive to it, I guess. Oh, and don't leave the dustpan on the stove. That squicked me out as well.

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Susan B. said...

A dustpan on the stove?! Ewww...

As you know, I love scented soaps, bath stuff, perfume, etc. But I also try to be sensitive to those who are sickened by certain scents, or even *any* scent. If I ever get my soapmaking hobby going again, I'm going to offer lightly scented and non-scented products for those who are sensitive to perfumes.

There is one skincare company from Japan called DHC that makes some very nice products. (I love most of the stuff from them I've tried.) Most of their stuff is unscented. The products that are scented are *very* lightly scented.