Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Photo Instead of Words... For Now


kate5kiwis said...

woo hoo!!!
lookit you, gorgeous girlie!
how did the horse show go?

(and what is cycling your laundry, barb? - from two posts back i think - that sounds like it involves a bike-and-pulley-contraption lol... i am lol at your latest fitness regime. oh, and i am back on the ROWING MACHINE today, Bulldog is gonna play "Personal Trainer" with me. but GUESS WHAT? i weighed myself at Mum's yesterday and i have not gained ONE SKERRICK (sp?) of weight since last summer!!! i can scarcely believe it!! so i am still nuh-nuh-nuh-nineteen rofl. but i seriously need to tone the abs before breaking out the bikini again.)
much love X

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Kate, I'll be posting about the horse show tomorrow. Today was another big day and I am exhausted!

Cycling the laundry means taking the load of laundry in the dryer out, putting the load in the washer, into the dryer, and maybe even sticking another load of laundry into the washer. A never ending cycle of laundry, lol! Maybe it would be cooler to hang the wet stuff on the line, but we can't do that where we live at the moment.

You go girl on the weight maintenance! I've been trying to hit the treadmill a few times a week.