Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching Up

Should I be brave and take four weeks of Mom/Kid Ballet classes with Wildchild this summer? I know Wildchild would love it; I'm just not sure my (out-of-shape) body could stand it. This is why Mom/Kid Jazz is right out; it looks a lot more strenuous than the ballet, at least right now.

Speaking of Wildchild, she appeared to have a pretty good understanding of nouns, until we started studying action verbs and linking verbs. Now all her grammar knowledge seems to have gone out the window. Is this one of those things that she can get with time and practice, or should I be more pro-active and look for a different way to teach her?


Sniz said...

How old is Wildchild again? I've never heard of a mom-daughter ballet class. Our youngest loves ballet but it's so expensive.
Anyway, with grammar, i kinda think when they are ready, they will actually remember stuff. That may not happen for a while.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Wildchild is nine. That seems kind of old for a Mom/Kid class, but her teacher marks the classes appropriate for each child, and she circled the Mom/Kid ones, so I'm assuming they're age-appropriate. Dance classes *are* a lot, but dance classes are Wildchild's "thing." Right now, she wants to be a dancer and then teach dance when she grows up.

I'm thinking she'll learn grammar when she's ready too, so thanks for your input.

Jane said...

Barb, at nine she can definitely pick it up. I don't even bother with formal grammar until seventh grade and I'm always amazed how much they know by then.

kate5kiwis said...

Right now, she wants to be a dancer and then teach dance when she grows up.
wildchild would remember that class for EVER.
(and post da pics lol, soz just psyching ya out)

i am doing the crash course in grammar with J12, he is *totally getting it* (readiness)...

get those ballet shoes out barb
mwah X

Marie N. said...

I'll second Kate, you'd be making a lifetime memory for Wildchild and something special the two of you share. Go for it!

Glenda said...

Barb, unsolicited advice follows: If you want, you can simply have Wildchild write daily sentences using spelling words or history lesson, or science lesson, or on the read aloud, or whatever. Then you can simply remind her what is needed in a sentence, even sometimes asking her to make her sentence into a different type (declarative into interrogative for example) and voila, grammar is done. :-)

Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)