Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sick of Snow

Seems like Easter would not be Easter in Ohio without some snow. We got a fresh coating today, just when most of the huge piles from last week's snowstorm had disappeared. How discouraging. Definitely puts a damper on my desire to dress up for Easter, when I know it will be cold and probably snowy.


Presbytera said...

Winter boots for Easter! It solves the question of whether to wear white shoes in March : )

elephantschild said...

So I had all these lofty goals to sew this fancy Easter dress for my dd.

Delayed, and delayed. Finally went looking for the contrast fabric I needed... but who knew pinks are so blasted hard to match? Sheesh. The pink toile print will have to wait.

So, I dug thru the stash and my daughter's going to get a whipped-together Hanna Andersson knits outfit - which is better anyway, because while our snow has melted here, it's far, far, from being warm or even mild outside.

Phooey! Hope you get a sudden thaw and everything melts ASAP.

Liz said...

Preach it, sister! We're supposed to get snow tonight, but we're hoping it will melt by Saturday. I'm sick of these weeks where it's 40 for a couple of days, then it snows. I suppose it could be worse... I mean, if this is global warming, I'd hate to see global cooling.

debbie said...

Joshua was an absolute *2yo* the entire day!!! Needless to say my day was not enjoyable in the least!