Sunday, November 04, 2007


I forgot to mention a gripe I have at the moment. We live near a major U.S. city, so why don't we have an art gallery we can visit?? The Cleveland Museum of Art is undergoing major renovations, and although I believe there are a few small exhibitions, the main exhibits will not even be available until spring of next year, and then not even all of them. I don't doubt the need for renovations and expansion per se, but I think it's a bit much that an institution that would be so useful for teaching, to give but one of its uses to the metropolitan area, can be unavailable for so long. The renovations started in 2005, and won't be completely finished until 2011. Think of all the great opportunities being lost for kids right now.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Your museum of natural history is pretty good. That could be considered art. :)

kate5kiwis said...

wow, we actually have something you don't have???
our Art gallery just opened last month and is fabulous, showing local history and paintings.
but upstairs there's a Press Gallery with a whole lot of war/humanity photos, really not for children, hubby and i went a week ago, i was so disturbed. i had to go downstairs after about tho thirds of it.
human life is precious.
i cannot get in my head that others think not so.

kate5kiwis said...

i cannot get in my head that others think not so.
wow that was a clumsy sentence... what i mean is: i cannot understand how people can have such a huge disregard for other human lives.

Marie N. said...

I think there are some in the Tremont and Lakewood areas.

Try giving a call to the -- whatever the growth association is calling themselves these days. Every time I'm in a doctor's office it seems Cleveland Magazine or Northern Ohio Live has a list of new gallery exhibits that are not at University Circle. Perhaps those publications have websites too.
You may want to check ahead of time so you know what to expect once you get there.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Dan, yes, our museum of natural history is pretty good. We even have Balto!

Kate, you guys have lots of stuff we don't have! Warmer weather, the Pacific Ocean, and sheep. ;)

Marie, that's an interesting thought. I'll have to check it out, but right now we're studying ancient history and I wonder if some of these other art galleries will have the collection of antiquities that CMA has, or if they just have the "trendy" stuff. Wildchild's dance teacher has one of those magazines in her waiting area, though, so I can check.