Monday, April 30, 2007

Workin' for a Living

So what would you do as a job if time and money were no object? That is, if you had enough to support your family and enough time (and money) for all the schooling required beforehand?

I'm not sure what I would do! Since I'm interested in fashion history, though, I'd probably be working in a museum, or perhaps doing history reenactments, or maybe working as a costumer in the theatre or for film. It might also be fun to create historically correct sewing patterns, but I think I might get frustrated with all the work required for making patterns in different sizes. And while I might never get to do any of those things, I am fortunate that I can pursue my interests while working on my main career as "Mom," and who knows what I will do when being "Mom" is no longer my main focus?


kate5kiwis said...

well,i have been thinking and dreaming a bit about this over the last few months:
i'd pop the whole fam-damily in a plane and head to the sunny south of france and hang out there for a year, just living. the kiddos would go to the lovely little village school and learn to speak french fluently, and hubby would have a happy job in the nearby city - or not - and i would walk around the village buying all sorts of baguettes and petits pains aux chocolats and drinking little bitter coffees and chatting to all and sundry and generally *being* french.

one day, when the kiddos are *all grown up*... if we still live in NZ, i wouldn't be able to settle for just one job.
i'd like to juggle being a doula, making sparkly things, being a coffee barista, a chef, and working in a wonderful place that smells nice.
well, i do most of those things now, so hey, what a lifestyle huh :o)

kate5kiwis said...

and i just noticed that my comment is nearly longer than your original blog post lol X

Marie N. said...

What a question! I cannot read all day, can I? Sure I could, and I enjoy proofreading, but I am extrememly rusty. I don't even own a stylebook any more.

One of my favorite jobs in the past was newsletter writing, particualry when I was able to write about new medical equipment and technology.

elephantschild said...

Sew all winter, garden all summer.

Yup. Sounds good. Actually, that's my retirement plan, right there.

Liz said...

Do you sew Barb? If so, I have a bit of a question for you... my e-mail is in my blog profile, so could you shoot me off a line when you get a chance?