Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Time I Mean It

Today we really *are* snowed in. The white stuff has been falling steadily since last night, making it hard to keep the roads clear. Not that I don't think they couldn't have been doing a better job. We were headed for confirmation class this morning, skidded a little a few times on the road (at slow speeds), saw that the freeway wasn't looking much better, and called Pastor to say we weren't coming. Since the grocery story was less than a mile away, we did stop there and stock up on essentials. Now we're safely ensconced in our warm home, thankful to be comfortable and out of the snowstorm.


katie said...

we've never been snowed in.
i think it'd be fun.
as long as the chocolate stash was unearthable X

Sniz said...

Really? We don't have any snow here in Indy and I wish we did! Glad you're safe and cozy!