Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mental and Physical

I think I've been depressed the past few days. The chemical kind of depression, the it's more than just your feelings kind. Dark My Road has inspired me to be more open with my struggles on this front; it's a health problem just like so many others. I am getting good care for my mental issues, so I ought to be able to weather this temporary down time, with the help of God and the means He has given here on earth. I was very busy being out today, and I think that was helpful. Too much, and I get stressed. It's a balance thing.

I finished the dishcloth today. It's hard to see the pattern very well with the variegated yarn, although I think variegated yarn is excellent for the novice knitter, as it makes it easier to tell stitches apart. It also needs to be straightened out, or blocked, if one can use that word for a simple cotton dishcloth. I was planning on washing it anyway before I used it. For some odd reason, cat hair seems to get into my knitting. (Charity, your dishcloth was freshly washed also!)
I had to completely unravel the baby bib. The left strap, which was pinned off while work was done with the right strap, with Marie's assistance, had the first stitch end up far too loose, and I couldn't tighten it up, since I bound off the next stitches down that row and went on with the right strap. I hope that all makes sense, at least to other knitters! I'm philosophical about it; I'll just make it better this time. :) I'm not in a hurry either; I'd like to get it done before my niece comes, but she won't need it for several months anyway.


kate5kiwis said...

you do bamboozle me with your knitting-know-how.
big loves and sunshine for the undepressing of the depression barb.
mwah X

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

I get animal hair in my knitting too. Fortunately, I can usually assuage my sensitivities by the fact that (unless I'm knitting with cotton), I'm knitting with animal hair anyway (and maybe the cotton needs it as

God bless, and I hope that things improve. I can definitely empathize.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I don't mind cat hair in scarves or purses, but in dishcloths it's yuck.